Apr 11, 2016

!!! 3 !!!

Want to know something about Birthdays and birthday parties?  They can’t ever, (and I’m speaking for my family here) EVER be small.

This is how the conversation went between Nate and I: 

Me: ‘I think we should just do something small for Scarlet’s birthday this year’

Nate: ‘Sure’

Me: ‘Like I’m talking, three of her little friends over, my parents, your parents…DONE’

Nate: ‘Ok, yah sure’

Me: ‘And she should probably only get like, one, maybe two small gifts for her as well’

Nate: ‘Hmmm, ok.  Sounds good.’

Me: ‘I was thinking a new colouring book, some new felts and maybe a little stuffed pup?’

Nate: ‘Sure.  Good’

Me: ‘So, SMALL?’

Nate: 'Small.’

(we kiss, move on with the day and the plan is set).


It gets worse...



(picture me with my hands covering my face right now)


Oh, and then we had a Small party with a few of her friends... and our families... and a few of our couple friends... and a dog.

Crave cupcakes - dear lordy.

It was actually the perfect size of group - not TOO big and not too small. 
Here are a few of her birthday shots...

This GORGEOUS dress is from Aisabobo - it's a ballet inspired outfit and it's called the Ella dress.  SO STUNNING!!!  You can find it online right here: Aisabobo Ella or on Instagram at @aisabobo 

Her official new nickname is 'The Little Actress'

Miss. Scarly and her personality 

Hope you enjoyed the birthday post.  Was it long enough for you?  haha.  I also wanted to mention that I was a big heaping mess of mommy emotion this past week.  Scarlet turning three, starting pre-school and getting a big girl bed (and pink wheels) all totally took it right out of me.  

ALSO, my brother Paul who I love and adore got engaged so that was just the icing on top of everything.  I don't think I've laughed and cried so much in my entire life.  I need a vacation.

Hope everyone has a lovely week!


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